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I am writing this letter because I feel compelled to do so.

I recently heard of the proposed Garden Hills/IPA swap, and it literally made me cringe to think that Unit 4 would do something so unjust to children.

I am familiar with Unit 4. I have had three daughters graduate from Unit 4 schools and continue their college careers. I had a daughter graduate from Garden Hills and one on her way to graduating from Garden Hills.

I worked at Unit 4 in the cafeterias at both Centennial and Central for more than four years. I have personally seen the difference in treatment in minority students, and this just takes the cake.

There’s no good reason to pull these children, whom the school district views as low-income, out of the one place in their neighborhood where they can feel safe and valued.

It is ludicrous to think that this would be of any advantage to the Garden Hills children at all. The only reason I have heard given is because the IPA children are of higher income, and they need our nice building.

What does that do to the self-esteem/ self-worth of these children who already have so many things that are out of their control? Garden Hills provides a gateway for them to be productive, build for their future, and realize that they are worth something. It saddens me to think that Unit 4 wants to negate that.