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Race theory

is big negative

Illinois has mandated taxpayer-funded critical race theory. Teachers will be trained to eliminate their Whiteness, adopt progressive political orthodoxy and impart that ideology to students.

Educators must emphasize racial differences rather than America’s melting-pot commonalities; stereotyping America’s White population, hardly uniform in class or ethnicity, as somehow enjoying unearned privilege and acting systemically racist. It is false history.

Teaching critical race theory in public schools is teaching kids bigotry, to hate their country and to hate each other. White kids are being taught they are oppressors because of their skin color.

As a multiracial nation, America must downplay racial differences, emphasizing common ties of citizenship and common interests. The danger is that racial tensions will increase, hate crimes will spike, racial demagogues will dominate, meritocracy will vanish and racial solidarity will replace the historical ideal of liberty.

Diversity, equity and inclusion bureaucrats, paid to root out “heresy,” will find it — whether it’s there or not. The pursuit of race-based outcomes and victimization is being used to gain political power.

To invent an ideology that actually created racism, you could do no better than critical race theory.

Future generations may have to risk much to bring back our republic frittered away by White guilt and political correctness.

Perhaps private school or homeschooling is an option for readers’ children. If not, every school board meeting should find angry parents informed about the radical agenda and willing to fight back.



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