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When is a hate crime not a hate crime?

When the wrong people are the victims of course.

Earlier this year, the intelligentsia of the University of Illinois went into full hissy fit mode when a young man, on an empty elevator, in the middle of the night, made a noose out of a piece of yarn he found on the floor.

He threw it back on the floor and left. Several hours later, “victims” of this hate crime found it and had the UI launch a full-court investigation that resulted in the state’s attorney charging this young man with a hate crime.

Recently, two events in Champaign drew little attention.

First, a pregnant woman and her family were brutally attacked while leaving a restaurant. Their only apparent crime was being white.

The second involved a young man who was beaten into unconsciousness while on campus. His crime? Walking alone.

In both cases, there was zero interaction between the attackers and the victims in these vicious, unprovoked and brutal attacks.

In neither case were hate crimes charged, much like in the past where “polar bear bashing” was the rage on campus. If the rolls were reversed, readers could bet their bottom dollar that the chattering classes would be in full foaming rage at this injustice.

But it is just shirked off as if nothing happened. In light of the charging of the noose incident, I hope no teacher plays hangman in their classroom.