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are recyclable

Seth Whitehead’s guest commentary piece, “From ‘drill, Baby, drill’ to ‘mine, China, mine’?” decries materials used to manufacture solar panels and wind turbines as nonrecyclable. Since when are glass, aluminum and copper not recyclable?

All components of renewable-energy collection and storage are recyclable. Recycling infrastructure needs to grow, and that growth produces local jobs. Gasoline, lead and MBTE endlessly pollute our air, water and soil.

Speaking of jobs, Chevron’s El Segundo refinery, the largest on the West Coast, produces 280,000 barrels of transportation fuels per year with an estimated value of $10 billion per year.

Employment is 1,400, for an estimated cost of 3 cents per gallon of gas. Every dollar shifted from fossil fuels to manufacturing solar panels and wind turbines creates 10 times more jobs.

A solar-powered electric vehicle only needs the garage roof above the car for 12,000 miles of driving, with an energy cost per mile less than half that of gas. Wouldn’t you prefer to harvest your car’s energy from your roof rather than pay a petro-dictator?

The Rocky Mountain Institute’s “Winning the Oil Endgame” provides the pathway for economically moving away from oil to a future with many more jobs.

George Schultz and Sir Mark Moody-Stuart (former chairman of Royal Dutch Shell) wrote forewords for the book. The bottom line: Every oil-based material has a non-oil counterpart, and many of those alternatives will be grown here in the Midwest.

Clara Ford preferred an electric car to her husband’s Model T, and once you drive one, you will, too!



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