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Rep. Davis is corrupting youth

This letter is addressed to the students of Monticello High School before whom U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis defended his vote against President Donald Trump’s impeachment for sedition.

Davis blamed lawyers, not Trump, for challenging the election of President Joe Biden in 60 state and federal courts, all suits dismissed for lack of evidence. Davis would have students believe that bad lawyers, not the president, iniquitously promoted the big lie of his election.

Complaining that he is valiantly “battling lies,” Davis magnified the president’s big lie by falsifying its origin.

Davis dismisses the impeachment as partisan politics rather than a reassertion of democratic rules and norms and a reaffirmation of truth and civic virtue. Ignored are courageous Republican colleagues who announced for impeachment.

TV clips demonstrate unequivocally that Trump incited his terrorist partisans to attack the Capitol, threatening the lives of legislators, Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

If politics is at play, it is Davis’ execrable and cowardly genuflection before those of his base who still believe Trump won.

Contaminating the students’ minds further, Davis stumbled into outrageous “what-about-ism.” Davis asserted, without evidence, that Pelosi provoked a deranged assassin to shoot him and his colleagues at a baseball game.

By accusing Pelosi of betraying her office, Davis was deflecting the students’ attention to a falsehood to cover his exoneration of Trump from seditiously inflaming thousands to assault the Capitol, Congress and the Constitution.

Corrupting youth is a grievous offense, condemned over two millennia ago by Athens, the first democracy.

“Have you no decency,” Rodney?



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