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‘Repasts’ are a funeral tradition

In his report in the Dec. 28 in The News-Gazette about a shooting event that took place this year in an American Legion parking lot, former Champaign police Detective Sgt. Dave Griffet said he realized some of the people at the American Legion were people he had seen earlier that day at a funeral. At the funeral, he said he heard people talking about a “repass,” and he didn’t know what a “repass” was. Then he writes: “Now I know what a ‘repass’ means.”

What? Such ignorance! He implies that a “repass” is somehow connected to whatever happened that day in the parking lot because some of the same people were at both places. Nonsense. A “repass,” as he calls it — the correct word is “repast” — is a meal that often happens after a funeral where family and friends can continue to talk and share after the funeral.

It is discouraging that a Champaign police officer should be so ignorant of community culture and traditions. (We have attended “repasts” after funerals for many years, in many communities, in many states.) We also wonder why The News-Gazette did not catch this woeful misstatement and print a correction.



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