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I opened my Tuesday edition of your newspaper with excitement.

What new articles of local, national and world news would greet me? I read with interest the articles but nothing was really different in a big way to show The News-Gazette had changed hands.

But wait! Where’s the comics page gone to and the puzzles, the write-in advice columns? Buried in the back, chopped down to three-quarters of a page, that’s where. My beloved “Mutts” is gone. The crossword has taken its place. Kakuro is gone, Jumble is somewhere unique, it’s a mess.

Instead of premium articles to show off your new takeover prowess, you had to destroy the two pages of the paper that are meaningful to me. News changes day to day. These two pages were staples and longstanding expectation in my opinion. Blow us away with outstanding articles but leave our comics, puzzles and advice columns alone.

Bring back Mutts. And restore the rest of the beloved comics to their rightful place.