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For the first couple of years of Donald Trump’s presidency, I allowed myself to become upset and outraged at all of the lies, the misogyny, the racism, the sexual peccadilloes, the horrible way he treats people, the name calling, the nasty tweets, the awful rudeness and lack of respect for others, and so on.

But now, I, like so many others, have become inured to it all and am left with a profound sadness for our democracy, our disregarded U.S. Constitution, the increases for the wealthy, the increased burdens on the poor, the ruin of our environment, the loss of honor and decency that used to be hallmarks of our nation and its government.

It is all so very sad.

And yet some people will vote for this man, maybe just because he says he is anti-abortion, even though 10 years ago he stated he was for abortion. (By the way, statistically when abortion is legal, the number of abortions goes way down.)

Otherwise, I can’t imagine why people would vote for Trump. A rhinoceros would do a better job and even be more ethical.