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It’s the end of democracy. Several Republican Senators have admitted Trump did wrong but he’s learned a lesson and won’t do it again. Well, I wrote an editorial on a recent night. But as I watched a presidential speech the next day, I realize I should have waited.

As you can see, he never learned anything. Still lying about it all. Sen. Susan Collins, I hope you are happy. He’s a con man. In his words, the corrupt Democrats all stuck together. Senate Republicans will eat their stuck-together votes when the truth all comes out.

He cut down Romney for voting against him because of his religious faith, and that’s bad. There is no doubt he obstructed justice by blocking congressional subpoenas. Look it up. It’s contempt of Congress.

Yes, you can go to court, but that would have taken years. But a simple way is contempt of Congress and put them in jail. Lied about Democrats not doing their jobs. Lies! There are 76 bipartisan bills on Sen. McConnell’s desk including drug prices and infrastructure. Yet the truth is nothing is done in the do-nothing Senate.

Lied about the findings in the Senate trial. Several Republican Senators admit it was a good case against him. Yet they’re scared so voted the wrong way. The end of our democracy! They voted not to remove him because he learned a lesson. God help us. He got away with it, so to those ignorant senators, he will only get worse. The new king arrives.