Should preserve Inman as is

As the new owner of Inman Place in downtown Champaign, Royse and Brinkmeyer is changing the character of what has been, for 30 years, an independent residential facility for seniors (see Gale Walden, “Please prioritize senior residents at Inman Place,” The News-Gazette, Oct. 2). The net impact of these changes has been to force Inman’s residents and their families to make difficult decisions about whether Inman Place is still a safe, appropriate choice for them.

As family members of current or past Inman residents, and others sympathetic to the plight of seniors at Inman, we urge Royse and Brinkmeyer to reconsider some of the announced changes.

At a minimum, they should continue staffing Inman’s front desk 24/7, reinstate fall-monitoring pendants and make on-site dining an option for all three daily meals. There are many other ways, large and small, that Inman could remain an inviting place for seniors while expanding its attractiveness to others.

Royse and Brinkmeyer have not just bought a building. They have also become the steward of a community of residents and of a legacy of past service to the region’s seniors. As they continue to develop and refine their plans for historic Inman Place, we hope they will reconsider those aspects of their plans that are having the unfortunate effect of forcing many seniors out.

We urge them to do the right thing for their current residents.

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