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in the process

I see Leonard Pitts’ legendary, psychotic hatred of Trump continues (11/13/20). No surprise there.

And local socialist

Eric Vimr, is again in lockstep. No surprise there, either, except this time he’s managed to utter an interesting prognostication: that Trump would have had a landslide re-election but for his incompetent handling of COVID-19.

Indeed. Except that anyone with an ounce of sense knows the incompetent part is simply a partisan lie, another of many vituperative attempts at skewing votes away from Trump.

So what’s really going on? Since most people aren’t so stupid as to buy into the COVID-19 nonsense, what really happened that gave Biden a boost in the vote?

Well, the claim is that Dominion voting machines and electronic vote fraud happened.

The program is called “HAMR”; “Scorecard,” the software. And as usual, mainstream media refuse to take it seriously, insisting instead that it doesn’t exist, that it is unsubstantiated, fictitious, a bogus conspiracy theory.

But Sydney Powell, an attorney powerhouse and author of “License to Lie,” begs to differ. Google her interview on Maria Bartiromo’s “Sunday Morning Futures.” Enlightening, to say the least. In another video, Kirk Wiebe, a former NSA senior analyst, explains how the scorecard system works. Convincingly bogus are the conspiracy claims.

Anyway, if ultimately proven true, this should outrage everyone, regardless of political affiliation. People need to be patient and allow the legal process to find the truth and weed out the corruption. An election system we can trust depends on it.



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