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This is too funny, or sad, depending on who is reading it.

On Jan. 8, the last 10 ever new episodes of “Criminal Minds” started airing. Recently, some networks decided to air all the first-season episodes. So I watched a few of them for deep background on characters, procedures and the like.

The episode that originally aired May 5, 2006 (Season 1, No. 22) contained the following dialogue: A CIA operative says to an FBI agent, “Presidents come and go, but we stay on the job running things.”

The characters continue by suggesting they stay afloat by compartmentalizing things, like compartments on a ship with limited access that can be locked down if one of them springs a leak.

“If something happens so we can’t stay afloat, we have a box, AN INSURANCE POLICY, that we can use to save us.”

I about fell off my chair. Now I wonder how long and how many people have been punked by the elites’ system.