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Sick of people criticizing Ammons

I’m getting very tired of reading baseless letters criticizing Champaign County Clerk Aaron Ammons.

The letter Cynthia Adkins sent about investigating the April 6 election was just plain silly. I used the Express voting machine, and while it does use a touchscreen, there are no computer skills required to use it.

As to the prompt that tells to voters they can cast a vote for an additional candidate in multi-candidate races, the standard ballot also lets the voter know that when inserted into the tabulator. Express voting machines can also make it easier for voters with disabilities to cast their ballot.

Before Ammons was elected, the clerk’s office was using voting machines that were no longer manufactured. When a machine broke, they had to cannibalize parts from another to repair it. The county’s voting machines for handicapped voters had been bought by a previous clerk and were also obsolete. They worked so poorly that they generally weren’t even used.

Since he was elected, Ammons has received $962,700.55 in grant funding, some of which has been used toward buying voting machines that improve our ability to to vote and have saved our tax dollars.



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