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Republicans? I’m sick and tired of Republicans making up stuff to justify this president. Mr. Graham, your buddy is turning over in his grave. And who paid you off to change your whole attitude about what’s going on.

Republicans claim Democrats are just mad because they lost the election.

Sorry, but Clinton got over 3 million more votes. The electoral college won it for Trump, not the will of the people.

They also state that Democrats should stop this nonsense and work for the people.

Truth is, the House has passed over 100 bills that Mitch McConnell will not bring up for discussion.

So it’s the Republican-controlled Senate is the do nothing government, not the Democrats.

Another fake news story by the president and the do-nothing Republicans.

This president, in his superior mind, has not only dumped on the Kurds that did most of the fighting for us against ISIS, he has,for his own political gain, asked for more help from foreign countries in next year’s — election just like proof of Russia’s help last time.

He said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it. And the spineless Republicans would back him up no matter what.

He’s a blatant proven liar.

His tax cuts will ruin this country in the end. It cost me $400 less this time than before. And who gets to keep their 25 percent tax cuts. Big corporations, not citizens.