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We have all these great predictions by an army of experts that we will all go to hell in 12 years if we don’t put up at least a trillion windmills and install at least 2 trillion acres of solar panels.

Let’s go back to the 1970-80 era, when a whole army of experts were predicting that natural gas would be depleted by 1978 and oil would be $1,000 a barrel and also about to run out. This of course would cause mass starvation and all sorts of wars over energy. This in turn would be the end of the world. Where are all those know-it-all people today?

The Earth’s climate has never been stable. That’s why it’s not a great mass of ice like it was millions of years ago. Go back about 1,000 years, and Europe’s climate was very similar to Greenland’s.

So instead of screaming “Chicken Little,” let’s get real.

Yes, we need some windmills and solar power. But we sure better utilize fossil fuels and nuclear power. Population keeps increasing by huge numbers. Eight billion now, 12 billion by 2040, if not more.

That’s a massive increase for electrical and other sources of power to keep up with. I don’t believe solar and wind can handle it without fossil-fuel backup.