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The CDC issued safe guidelines for reopening the economy, involving extensive testing. President Trump says people don’t need that much testing, and his new press secretary says testing will do no good. Yet Trump is tested daily, and anyone he comes in contact with is tested first.

Similarly, the stimulus packages have gone to Trump’s cronies and many of the largest corporations, while small businesses wait and wonder. Likewise, half of the population has not seen the promised stimulus check. (I could really use mine, if I ever get one, because our exorbitant property taxes are due.)

So why does Trump, his family and friends benefit while the rest of our nation sickens and dies, and he tells us to go back to work, regardless of the threat? Oh yes, we’re “warriors” according to Trump. But, of course, he is not a warrior, too, because, you know, bone spurs.

So we are not only already the worst country in the world on per capita testing, we lead the world in deaths from this pandemic. And Trump wants people to resume life while the threat of death is still peaking.

If we have a fair election in November, which Republicans are trying to interfere with, it will be left up to the new administration to clean up the worst mess since the Great Depression, one that could have been greatly mitigated if Trump had followed the plan laid out by President Obama to deal with just such a pandemic.