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To those wondering if we should leave Donald Trump’s fate to the voters rather than pursue impeachment, I ask how can we rely on an election when Trump shows every intention to hang on to power by cheating?

Trump makes no secret of his eagerness for illicit foreign help with his 2020 campaign. That “perfect” phone call to Ukraine is only the tip of the iceberg. He brazenly declares he’ll accept foreign dirt on political opponents.

Trump even implored Beijing to investigate Joe Biden, which could afford China critical leverage against the U.S. in ending the trade war.

U.S. Rep Rodney “Rubberstamp” Davis is desperate to find no wrong in Trump’s seeking foreign campaign assistance. Which prompts one to wonder about possible foreign origins of NRA and other contributions pocketed by Rubberstamp Rodney’s own campaign.

Impeachment is not a coup. The Founders wisely provided for impeachment. Elections may cure garden-variety maladministration of government, but they are insufficient against Trump’s gross incompetence, dishonesty and treachery.

It is long past time that Congress disabuse Trump of the notion he’s constitutionally immune from all constraints. If Davis and his Republican colleagues continue to disregard their oath to defend our Constitution, they, like Trump, must be shown the door.