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I have a shout out to Home Depot employees.

Long story short, two months ago, I ordered a new LG dishwasher. It got damaged during the delivery, and although the dishwasher was under warranty, LG wouldn’t take it back and send us a new dishwasher.

On top of that, LG wanted us to pay for it. They kept saying it’s not our issue but that it’s Home Depot’s problem. After spending hours and hours on the phone with them, we decided to meet a Home Depot manager to explain what’s happening in hopes he might be able to help.

I spoke to a woman named Sierra. She gave us her full attention with full respect and offered to call LG for us. LG customer service gave her the same answer, so Sierra asked us to leave our information with her.

She said she would let the manager know what’s happening and update us. It took two months to resolve, but eventually, an assistant manager named Kwanna completely took care of our issue.

Kwanna is kind, nice, caring, respectful, fair and has a leader personality. She went above and beyond to solve our issue. While interacting with her, I saw how she was with other Home Depot employees. She listened to every single issue and tried her best to resolve it.

We need more people like Sierra and Kwanna! Ladies, keep up the good work and from the bottom of our hearts.



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