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We have an important election in November. I would like to offer feedback for policies and procedures regarding communication between the county clerk’s office and election judges as well as training provided.

The election itself has not changed and, as of yet, the voting process has not changed dramatically. In December 2019, requirements to register as an election judge and sign up for classes was revised to online only. Also introduced was a new software program.

Classroom training was inadequate. There was to be a digital copy of instructions and set up videos for use on Election Day.

Election Day is not the time for on-the-job training. Upon voting, the VAT (Voter Assistance Tabulator) at my precinct would not process ballots. Equipment must be checked prior to opening, and failure to do so, unfortunately, reflects poor planning.

Not all election judges have access to or familiarity with computers. Please consider communication by phone in addition to online. Also, some effort should be made to accommodate those judges that live and travel together.

Older judges should not be neither discounted nor discouraged from serving. They have invaluable experience and can influence younger generations to participate. My family includes three generations, although none of us assisted in March.

I feel that my experience as a long-term election judge was not appreciated, valued or taken into consideration. To have the privilege and freedom to vote are one of the pillars of democracy, and being part of the process has been my patriotic duty these many years.