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Time to make rich pay more

Vote yes for the Fair Tax. It will require the wealthiest 3 percent of Illinoisans to pay their fair share of taxes. Under the Fair Tax, the other 97 percent of people will pay the same or less in taxes than they do now.

Illinois is one of only nine states that have a flat income tax. This means that everyone pays the same percentage of their income in taxes. We know that a flat tax is unfair to people in lower and middle income levels. Not only does it create too heavy a burden on them, it also causes budget deficits that push up property taxes and force cuts in services. The flat tax is not working well for Illinois.

By shifting more of the tax burden to those earning over $250,000 a year, Illinois can raise more than $3 billion per year to help fund schools and human services and pay the state’s bills. This is clearly the right thing to do.

By voting yes for the Fair Tax, we can reform an unfair system while bringing much needed revenue to the state.