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Too much ‘me,’ not enough ‘we’

In the Nov. 4 News-Gazette, the front-page headline was “Doctor: Mandate driving me out.”

I’m sure this Dr. Michael Ottney who resigned from OSF Danville is a fine, moral man and a skilled physician. Ottney states that he has no religious or moral objection to the vaccine.

However, the old saying “He’s a doctor; he should know better” is applicable here.

This is public health, everyone’s health. When you argue freedom, I ask freedom for what? Freedom to get the virus yourself or to infect others? Think how many people Dr. Ottney came into contact with. I’m glad one of his patients reported him to OSF.

Ask yourself how many people you know personally who have come down with COVID-19 or died from it. It’s a very serious pandemic when close to 800,000 Americans have died from it. When the best doctors in the world call it a worldwide pandemic, I think we should take notice and follow their advice to get the vaccines and wear a mask.

As President Joe Biden said, “Consider it your patriotic duty to get the vaccination.” I remember back in the early 1960s when most Americans were relieved and happy to get the Salk polio vaccine. No one made it a political issue regarding that vaccine.

It’s public health — everyone’s health! When basketball great Charles Barkley was asked about a player who wouldn’t get the vaccine, he stated, “There’s too much ‘me’ and not enough ‘we’ in that attitude.”

Get vaccinated and wear a mask.



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