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This addresses my favorite topic, Urbana traffic planning, or the lack thereof.

It is suggested that safety would be improved if at least two right lanes were converted to right-turn-only lanes when the lanes end at the intersections. The first is south-bound Vine Street, at Illinois. The second is east-bound Florida at Lincoln.

I understand that these changes will not completely eliminate conflicts since not every driver is capable of reading and obeying such signs, but the conflicts should be greatly reduced. This suggestion is prompted by what I can only refer to as “close calls” at both intersections.

Another item on my wish list is a protected left turn on south-bound Lincoln at Pennsylvania. There is already a left-turn lane, but at heavier traffic times frequently only one or two cars are able to make the left turn per light cycle. North-bound traffic has a protected left turn.

The item on my eternal wish list is traffic lights at Washington and Vine in Urbana, but a former mayor said “they are so expensive.”