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Nancy Pelosi tore up Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech! What leadership! She showed him! So how does her contempt for Trump carry over to contempt for his policies?

Not so much. When Trump seeks in excess of $700 billion for his defense budget — way more than the next several countries combined — she’s on board. When he seeks to renew the draconian Patriot Act that infringes on citizen rights, she’s right there with him.

When he institutes trade policies that hurt the American worker, no problem. When he acknowledges a Venezuelan pretender to its presidency who received no votes in their election, she applauds this man and the foreign policy it represents.

When he imposes sanctions that hurt only the people of certain foreign countries, she is happy to oblige. When he endorses endless American wars, she endorses them too.

Pelosi — estimated personal wealth of $120 million — is typical of American politics today. The Republicans, once the party of Lincoln, are now the party of Trump and all that entails; the Democrats, once the party of the New Deal, are now hell bent on cheating their most popular candidate out of their presidential nomination.

So, if you seek a party of the people, or an anti-war party — forget about it. What we have now are two parties that serve the super-rich exclusively. Elections exist only to see which of these rapacious groups can secure the best feeding place at the public trough.