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Antics not just about ‘bad advice’

U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis said recently that President Donald Trump, whose campaign he co-chaired in Illinois, has been getting “bad advice” from his legal team since losing an election he admits was free and fair.

That’s the understatement of the century. But then again, most of us would have figured that out long before the losing streak reached 60. Even the University of Illinois fires its coaches before that point.

Is Davis implying that Trump is merely the dumbest client in American legal history? That’s your guy? Then just say so.

But Trump listened to those lawyers because of their bad advice, not in spite of it, and if they had advised him otherwise, he would have fired them and found others to tell him what he wanted to hear. Ask former attorney generals Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr.

Maybe as a White male, Davis felt he looked enough like a Republican that the noose-wielding MAGA mob storming the Capitol was unlikely to target him. But I’ll wager that Black Republican Sen. Tim Scott felt no such confidence.

From the disgusting racism to the tolerance of sedition, Davis has disgraced — and continues to disgrace — the congressional seat once held by Abraham Lincoln.



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