U.S. at fault over Ukraine

The U.S. government has no interest in ending our proxy war with Russia.

According to military experts like Scott Ritter, when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was in Washington, D.C., he received only one battery for one Patriot missile. It will take months to get the requested missiles to Ukraine, and months for the Ukrainians to be trained in its use. It also takes 90 trained soldiers to operate just one.

This clarifies what many of us have been saying, that is the U.S. doesn’t really want Ukraine to win, and is willing to sacrifice the Ukrainian people, to prolong war with Russia by continuing to send weapons rather than apply diplomacy. This prolongs the death and destruction of everyone involved in Ukraine and Russia, as well as surrounding nations.

It’s known as the “Thucydides trap,” that of forcing your perceived enemy into poverty and/or regime change as they focus on militarization and war.

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The U.S. attempted this when arming the mujahideen — creating al-Qaida — during the Carter administration, knowing the then-Soviet Union would be forced to enter Afghanistan.

The irony is, the U.S. is the nation now caught in the “Thucydides trap,” though regime change is unlikely here, as both of the two ruling parties represent the elite. If we don’t act now to implement systemic change in a nonviolent, well-organized manner, the ensuing collapse of the empire will bring about chaos and death on a global scale.



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