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U.S. should end meddling overseas

Finally, a shockingly inadequate stimulus package has been signed. It also diverts $33 million that could have helped out-of-work people or struggling restaurants, etc., for ominously named “democracy programs for Venezuela,” which have a snowball’s chance of being a good thing for the people there, either.

The U.S. itself is no stranger to allegations of “stolen elections,” but imagine our reactions if a foreign government demanded our elected leaders step down, waged harsh economic warfare on the American people by freezing U.S. assets and blocking vital exports, immiserated the people with food and health care shortages and widespread electricity outages, and then a boatload of mercenaries led by ex-soldiers from a foreign power got captured in Chesapeake Bay aiming to topple the government.

Would we welcome “democracy programs” from such benefactors?

The U.S. has a long history of undermining democratic elections from Chile and Guatemala to Haiti and Honduras. For years, the U.S. waged an illegal war in Nicaragua — blowing up school buses and adult-education centers — funded by illegal arms sales to Iran. The U.S. also supported anti-democratic forces in El Salvador that repressed unions and civil-rights groups, raped nuns and assassinated priests.

Now, after boycotting elections in Venezuela, the U.S.-supported losing party is refusing to hand over the National Assembly, and U.S. embassies all over the world are issuing aggressive statements against the winners, creating a tinderbox in the name of “democracy.” We must demand an end to our government’s aggression before it’s too late.

Ricky Baldwin


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