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What the Russian government is having its military do in Ukraine is unconscionable. I am writing to draw attention to the glaring hypocrisy in our reaction to it, though.

I can’t help wondering how different the lives of the people of Afghanistan and Iraq would be today if the world’s governments, media and even individual communities or organizations responded to our invasion — and decades of occupation — in the ways we see directed to Ukrainians today.

Civilians pay the most for every invasion, regardless of the government involved.

In the weeks and months before the Russian invasion, there were numerous stories of refugees from our wars and occupations being turned away from European countries and our own. Perhaps the difference is in our inability to identify with the architectural and religious differences of these refugee groups. Or maybe it’s an inability to see our own inclinations toward relying on military solutions.

We have been repeating the mistakes of the 20th century ever since the start of the 21st. Russia under Vladimir Putin is just giving us a different perspective. People who invest in weaponry, personal and military grade, always find a reason to use it.

The suffering of the people in Ukraine is undeniably undeserved. If you feel empathy for the people of Ukraine today, I hope you will remember that feeling for our inevitable next war.



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