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Unit 4 does parents disservice

Parents in Champaign face an impossible choice when selecting a school for their children.

Do we send our children to Unit 4, where the violence in the community has taken over our schools? Unit 4 also made the decision to eliminate the gifted program without any plan in place for creating alternative programming for high-achieving students. Or, we can choose what many parents with means do: Move to Mahomet, where the schools win academic awards but noticeably lack diversity.

Essentially, we would be choosing to raise our kids in a White bubble that only furthers the systemic racism in our country. Also concerning was the incident last week at Mahomet-Seymour High School where a child was bullied and assaulted for wearing a shirt supporting LGBTQ pride.

The principal of the Mahomet school made a formal response that evaded any condemnation of the students choosing to bully and assault another student based on their pride shirt. Alternatively, we could send our kids to private schools where our children would be exposed only to those families with the means to afford a private education (with only few scholarships available).

While no school is perfect, my fear is that parents who can afford to do so will choose the less-scary option: the non-diverse, wealthier school. Over time, this will further erode the quality of Champaign schools and continue the vicious cycle of poverty in our community.



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