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Unsolicited note a disappointment

On a day when I awoke with new optimism about the direction of this country — one in which there is surging energy around the possibilities toward racial justice, celebration of the historical end of slavery (“Juneteenth”) and a renewed sense of unity in the desire to be a better people — I discovered a “hate message” had been distributed around my neighborhood before I awoke.

Delivered in a zip-lock sandwich bag weighted with small rocks (presumed to have the practical purpose of keeping the bag where it “landed” from a passing car or bike, but also having a disturbing sinister connotation), I found a flyer urging action against “illegal aliens.” Perhaps spurred by the recent Supreme Court decision affirming DACA, a presumably “white supremacist” group is spreading its message of hate, intolerance and unrest in a community that is waking up to the injustices of our society and its institutions toward “the others.”

I urge those who see the “sojourners” among us as “allies” rather than “aliens” to replace the message of hate with one of hospitality and support. Local community organizations that are working toward those goals include the CU Immigration Forum, CU FAIR, the University YMCA New American Welcome Center, Bend the Arc and the Immigration Justice Task Force at the Unitarian Universalist Church.