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Readers and columnists frequently write to demand tougher gun laws in view of tragic shootings. Yet the same people continue to ignore the violence from Antifa, and letters or columns denouncing Antifa are nonexistent.

An anarchist attempted mass murder by blowing up a propane tank at an ICE facility in Washington state, but there was little media coverage of this dangerous, illegal activity except for praise from anti-ICE activists.

Comedians joked about beheading the democratically elected leader of the country and a play (performed at a theatre sponsored by the New York Times, a newspaper with worldwide influence) featured a gruesome mock assassination of the same president. Many children play violent video games, allowing them to experiment with death without real world consequences.

We have widespread disrespect for law enforcement, including people in New York spraying police officers with a hose and throwing water on them while onlookers laughed. Ten states have legalized assisted suicide. Illinois has legalized abortion on demand and partial-birth abortion.

We foster a culture of disrespect for others and death in the U.S. and then people are surprised by mass shootings or knife attacks on innocent individuals. If we want to stop tragic attacks on innocent individuals, we need to foster a culture of life and respect for others. We need to denounce all violent attacks, not just those that fit our political views. We need to recognize that all life has value and deserves respect.