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Vote diversity

in Savoy

It’s important to take diversity into account when choosing whom to put into positions of power and influence. Having people from varying backgrounds in these roles helps ensure that the voices of different communities are heard when decisions affecting them are made. That’s why when deciding who should serve in local government offices, diversity should be one of the factors we consider.

While Savoy’s population has diversified in recent years, the demographics of our elected officials have not. The board of trustees, for example, does not accurately represent the population of Savoy. Having diverse groups of people in such positions helps marginalized groups feel seen. People from different backgrounds also bring forward new perspectives, which are always helpful when trying to solve community issues.

Diversity has to be advocated for, and it can start with people from varying groups running for office, which gives us the opportunity to vote in diversity. That’s why I’m glad to see people like Ammar Bhutta running for office in our local government.

Ammar is running for Savoy trustee, and one of his reasons for doing so is his desire for diversity in Savoy’s local government. He feels that his experiences in the technology industry and his social-work engagement can bring to the table a missing perspective. He plans to help make changes that reflect the needs of Savoy’s diverse community. It’s great to see people from different backgrounds running for office, and hopefully we’ll see more diversity in these positions in the future.



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