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Vote Fourman for Champaign council

Clarissa Nickerson Fourman, the District 1 incumbent (and only Black female) candidate for Champaign City Council, has impressed me greatly since I began paying closer attention to local politics.

I strongly encourage residents in District 1 to vote for her April 6, and for the rest of us to get better acquainted with her. She is the real deal in public-servant terms.

Those who haven’t seen her should check out our city council meetings. Fourman puts her heart into the position, demonstrating that she respects the trust placed in her and considers it an honor to hold the seat, that she’ll unflinchingly fight for the needs of District 1 and for what’s right for our city as a whole.

She truly cares about her constituents and about our city. She honestly represents and serves the greater good. Our city council benefits from and needs her authenticity, wisdom and experience.

I’d vote for Fourman myself if I lived in her district, and I support her in other ways because her voice is vital. We need reliable representatives like Fourman who value people over power and actually believe Black lives matter.

Please join me in supporting and re-electing Fourman to the city council.



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