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Vote yes for forest preserve district

The Champaign County Forest Preserve District deserves voters’ support of a very modest increase in the property-tax rate.

In a county that has only a small fraction of natural areas, the forest preserve district does an outstanding job of protecting and making them accessible to the public.

Within the six major preserves and several minor ones, one can enjoy not only a walk or a picnic in the great outdoors, but also educational programs, children’s programs, camping, star-gazing, cycling, golfing, bird-watching, fishing, an outstanding Museum of the Grand Prairie at Lake of the Woods and other ways to enjoy a break from urban life.

Don’t forget the opportunity provided to individuals who wish to volunteer to help in the restoration, improvement and interpretation of natural areas.

It’s been 40 years since its tax allocation has been increased, so please vote “yes.” The new money will be used to restore, improve, replace or upgrade existing facilities and enhance its robust children’s programs.

When I came here many years ago, I wanted to take my family swimming. I drove to Decatur because it had a large body of water that I could see on my map. When I got there and asked where the beach was, I was told that the best place to go swimming was at Lake of the Woods in Champaign. Ever since then, I have been a strong advocate for the forest preserves of Champaign County. I sincerely hope citizens of Champaign County also prize them.