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We must oppose mining permit

Remember the cautionary tale “The Lorax”?

Dr. Seuss’ beloved character spoke out for the trees, air and water. He left with the warning, “Unless.” The greedy Once-ler had exploited the resources around his town, creating an environment so polluted that no one could live there.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, it’s not going to get better. It’s not.”

The proposed new coal mine in our area — one more attempt to exploit our environment — will cause almost certain degradation to the water, farmland and air.

Who will reap the profits? Not the people who work in the mine or the people who live in the area of the mine. We’ve seen other coal communities in Illinois suffer from multiple types of pollution caused by the mining operations and the reality that any jobs may suddenly disappear when the market turns.

Large amounts of water — our clean, increasingly scarce water — will be needed to wash the coal, becoming dirty and polluted. Strong, healthy people will be needed to go into the mine, breathing in the coal dust and damaging their health.

A mining permit has been issued to Sunrise Coal, but Stand Up To Coal and others have challenged it. As we await further developments, let’s remember that coal is our energy past, not our energy future.

As leadership in Springfield is considering clean, renewable-energy legislation, why would Illinois want another coal mine? Learn more at