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I am writing in regards to the article “Coaches For Life.” It was very refreshing to get to read an article that is full of potential and optimism. We all know that today’s youth need more support and guidance, and Devon Turner is taking a step to make sure that happens in his community.

Programs such as the Boys and Girls Club have been around for a long time, offering the necessary support to boys and girls who are in need. Boyz2Men is working to help provide strong male role models to those boys that do not have that in their own life.

We need more programs like these. In a time of social media and multiple single parent homes, boys and girls are struggling. Programs like these can provide the much-needed support and structure that some kids are missing.

We as a community and a society need to do more to support programs like Boyz2Men. We need to do more to implement more programs like this. Kids are our future, and we need to make sure we are doing all we can to protect and support them.