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Were mistakes ‘honest’ ones?

As a young boy, I remember watching my grandmother sit at the kitchen table playing solitaire, sometimes doing well and other times not so well.

It’s interesting to me how the computer has changed the game. No cards. No dexterity. Just clicks.

I take notice as well of how the computer can control the likelihood of a winning hand. You can choose from easy, medium, hard, expert and so forth.

Their program can control your chance of winning. It flies in the face of the spirit of a game of chance.

Then I think about the early preparation by the pundits saying that most mail-in and early votes should go to Joe Biden.

How would they know that unless the fix was in?

My vote was early because I couldn’t be sure that I’d be of good health on election day.

How often have you had to wait in line at a store because the person in front was arguing about the cost rung up by the register’s computer feed.

How many times, if ever, can you remember that an item has rung up in your favor; lower than the displayed price?

It’s always a glitch, or it didn’t get entered right, etc.

The elections show a lot of those “glitches” as well, which on the surface sounds reasonable, but to the cautious is the observation that these “honest mistakes” seem to always fall on the side of Democrats.

Trump probably won the election, and Biden might have won the follow-up and votes from rule changes.

Wonder if I have any cards around here?

Steve Merkel


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