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We’re repeating our mistakes

Two more mass shootings. Two more weeks of debate on gun control. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Two more weeks of mourning. Wait. Don’t forget about the Second Amendment. That will end the debate and mourning right away. The debate and mourning will end quickly, as it always does, but the fatal shootings will not diminish unless some reasonable gun-control measures are taken.

Last year in Illinois, 343 people were shot in 69 mass shootings. Shootings right here in our community also are rampant and are likely to continue unless some action (not just rhetoric) is taken.

Should we have more guns? How about two more guns for each person in the country? That would bring the total closer to 1 billion in the country. Maybe that’s enough. And, it would be good for the economy. Gun sales, don’t you know.



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