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What’s the deal on health care?

After learning my daughter was pregnant, I was overjoyed.

This feeling of joy, however, quickly changed to uncertainty when my daughter told us she could no longer deliver at OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center. She shared with us that the Christie Clinic obstetricians decided to pull their services out of the hospital with two months’ notice.

Now the place that has felt like home to our family for years is no longer an option for my daughter and grandchild. This is nothing against Carle.

As a mother, I am frustrated watching my daughter become a pawn in a war between two health care organizations, OSF and Christie.

For both organizations, I have questions.

Christie: Is this really what’s best for your patients, and why did you give such short notice? Why not continue to provide care at both hospitals? How is Carle, who is already overwhelmed, going to handle this influx of patients?

OSF: How could you let this happen? Christie has been pulling specialists out of your hospital for years, and OSF cannot say it didn’t see this coming. As a pro-life organization, what is your backup plan? What’s going to happen to your nurses and staff?

My question for both organizations is: Where do we go from here? Is there a path toward peace? I love being a patient at both organizations. I just wish that, after an unprecedentedly difficult year in health care, they could find a way to work together.



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