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Why not try rehabilitation?

Let’s get rid of for-profit prisons. Talk about a conflict of interest.

There is good in all people, but not all people lead good lives. To be sure, some people love their sin and want to stay in it. The Bible calls these types of people reprobates.

Reprobates have a seared conscience, which makes it nearly impossible to rehabilitate. The good news is that the overwhelming majority of people are redeemable. The fact is that over 80 percent of people in prison will get out at some point.

What kind of person do we want released back into our communities, and at what cost? An inmate in Illinois costs about $30,000 a year to taxpayers. Most inmates have children on the outside. Uncle Sam and the American taxpayer are the largest baby daddies in the United States.

As a taxpayer, I am tired of paying “child support,” aka food stamps, medical card, Section 8 vouchers, for children who are not my own. As a Christian, I believe in restorative justice. It is more than just financial with me.

Teach the incarcerated a work ethic and job skills. Give them hope. Get help for their addictions and mental-health issues. To the incarcerated, your children need you, your fellow taxpayers need you and Jesus Christ loves you. Never forget, good people don’t go to heaven, only forgiven sinners do.