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Why not wear mask, get shots?

COVID-19 has killed more Americans than died in all the wars of the 20th century, 750,000 so far. On TV, a combat veteran praised a fallen comrade who sacrificed his life to save others. That “ultimate self-sacrifice” rightly earns praise and medals.

If some Americans are willing to give their lives to save others, why is it so hard to convince so many Americans to put up with the minor sacrifice of wearing a mask, or the small risks of getting vaccinated? Who would fight for a country where people are so selfish they won’t even wear a mask to save lives? How can a country that ignores science win a modern war?

We’ve already lost a cyberwar with Russia. Their disinformation elected Donald Trump, a dishonest, incompetent president. Lee McIntyre, an expert on disinformation, was asked where COVID-19 lies come from. His-one word answer: Russia. There’s a conspiracy theory you can believe in.



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