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Why open door to higher taxes?

The so called “fair tax” is a bad idea. It penalizes those who help build the economy.

The tax-and-spend policies of the state haven’t worked yet, so now they want to soak the higher income earners.

Think about doctors and how many years and huge education tuition they paid. Of course they should be well paid.

Or the business owner who put their finances on the line to start up. Why would they stay in a state that vilified them for their success? Who will generate jobs for those seeking work?

Time was, if someone became highly successful, they were considered admirable. How times have changed.

Vote no on fair tax. Illinois has some of the highest taxes in the nation, and that still isn’t enough for those in charge. Car fees and property taxes are nearly double elsewhere. Renters pay for that, too.

With the number of people fleeing high-tax states, it can only get worse if even more taxes are allowed in Illinois.

The “fair tax” is anything but. Is it worth the risk to let them take more of our earnings?