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Why pinwheels

in park’s garden?

As I walk my dog through the grounds of Phillips Recreation Center on Springfield Avenue in Urbana, I ask myself, who authorized the purchase of pinwheels to plant in the gardens surrounding the center?

I ask because I would expect the Urbana Park District to be sensitive to the pollution of single-use plastic. I would also expect a concern for the environment, especially for the beneficial insects that are struggling to find forage in the early spring, when flowers are still limited.

Planting plastic pinwheels in an area that could be colorfully landscaped with flowering plants is a mystery I cannot fathom.

I am equally curious about the fate of the pinwheels after they are withdrawn from public view. I wonder if some of them will end up in the great swaths of ocean that are filled with plastic that has been broken down into microplastic and is endangering the health of animals, fish and humans.

Phillips’ gardens could display so much natural beauty and model good environmental stewardship. Please, no more pinwheels.



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