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Will misses boat on capitalism

Columnist George Will, unsurprisingly, has dismissed the views of Karl Marx in relation to the primacy of “innovators” for economic progress.

However, Marx well understood the roles of innovation and “creative destruction” in his development of historical materialism, the true social science.

Marx understood the technological dynamism of capitalist exploitation of commodified labor. However brutal, he saw capitalism as a progressive development in human history that would, with evolving human consciousness and political solidarity, lead to its usurpation by class struggle.

Thus, he wrote: “The history of these class struggles forms a series of evolutions in which a stage has been reached where the exploited and oppressed class — the proletariat — cannot attain its emancipation from the sway of the exploiting and ruling class — the bourgeoisie — without at the same time emancipating society at large from exploitation, oppression, class distinction and class struggles.”

The material dynamism of American capitalism has decayed into globalized finance based on “funny money.” America’s wealth and military dominance are sustained by speculative bubbles, which are going to burst (again), sooner rather than later. This will intensify the misery of the working class, as well as Will’s recent, revealing bellicosity vis a vis Russia and China, Chinese capitalist innovation notwithstanding.

Interestingly, Will is absolutely correct in his dismissal of critical race theory as crudely ideological and utterly stupid. However, he’s incapable of seeing that in 2021, “wokeness” and “innovation” are two sides of the same ruling-class ideological coin. For confirmation, Will only need consult his employer, Jeff Bezos.



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