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Will people

face the truth?

Does the government really want healing/unity?

“The conduct of our leaders, if not actuated by superior orders [Providence], is tempered with something I do not care to give a name to.” — George Washington

What does one call it when our nation’s leaders endorse and encourage rule by insurrection in order to take over all political power? Democracy without religion becomes oppression.

The year 2020 saw the most destructive riots in American history. Very few rioters were arrested. It began with mob violence in Seattle; Portland, Ore.; and Minneapolis that even local officials condoned. The threat of mob violence created enough fear for Supreme Court justices that they declined hearing the evidence of an invalid 2020 election.

During the jury trial of Officer Derek Chauvin, one government leader encouraged violence, urging rioters to engage in destruction of property and attacks on police officers. Government endorsement of violence represents the breakdown of civil society and serves only to divide us as a nation. Abraham Lincoln quoting the Bible: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

The problem lies within us: a worldview, espoused by the government and the media, where the scales of justice are weighed by the winds of mob rule and popular culture; a concentrated effort to alter the constitutional order and centuries of American custom and tradition.

For conservatives, there is no room for neutrality. They are either for the changes or against them. They cannot remain disengaged.



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