Women have great power

I used to feel disadvantaged being a female, simply because I saw how men’s professions and sports seemed of greater value.

I’ve had a change of opinion, especially as it pertains to women’s “reproductive freedom.” As women, we have a great responsibility; and, just like Spider-Man, we have great power. But this power is to develop, grow, care for and influence the next generation.

Think about that; an entire generation depends on females.

These responsibilities are not just “nurture,” it’s also “nature.” Beyond the obvious chromosomal differences, take a look at the animal kingdom. The female is normally the one who carries the baby and cares for it upon birth. The female chicken lays the egg, the female cow produces the milk. Females are no less or more important than males, they just serve very specific and extremely important roles that no male could.

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Now let’s take this a step further. Would it be ethical to slaughter fetal puppies? Would it be ethical to smash fertile chicken eggs? So, how would it be ethical to slaughter an embryonic human being?

I am not talking about high potential for death to the mother or child if a pregnancy were to go full term. I am talking about causal intercourse. I’m talking prevention and common sense. Your body, you’ve got choice, right? Respect yourself because you are perfect just the way that you were made.



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