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I'm still mad at Brad Halbrook. "Big News from ISRA" and half a dozen smiley face emojis accompanied the state representative's Facebook post on May 31.

The Illinois State Rifle Association was celebrating a "huge win" regarding legislation aimed at strengthening requirements around firearm owner identification cards, like fingerprinting applicants and creating a task force to account for firearms of individuals whose FOID is revoked.

Known as "Fix the FOID," the legislation stalled in the Senate as the session ended and wasn't called for a vote.

The bill was introduced after five people were gunned down in Aurora. The shooter had been granted a FOID card even though he was a convicted felon.

His FOID was later revoked, but no procedure ensured he turned over the firearms he had legally acquired.

Mere hours after Halbrook touted that "win," a man murdered 12 individuals with a handgun in Virginia Beach, Va.

Halbrook didn't mention that on his active Facebook page, but he did complain about working late and pushed coverage regarding his pie-in-the-sky dream of Chicago becoming its own state.

Halbrook isn't the only politician who spends his time whining instead of working — too many along the political spectrum do the same.

However, our elected officials should do real work instead of relying on blame games and bluster, should recognize gun violence for the public safety crisis it is and should never praise "victories" obtained by lobbyists at the exact moment innocent lives are stolen due to easy access to guns.