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Writer’s opinion worth considering

I thought the views expressed by David Marrone in his recent letter about leaving Illinois were both interesting and discerning.

Following over a half-century in our town, his historical accounting showed an evolution from active participation, through constant conditioning, resulting into growing consternation, leading to eventual disdain.

From my limited perspective, his professional advice always was worthwhile and insightful. I deemed his personal observations/opinions often selectively sided but constantly sincere in nature.

It makes me wonder how someone’s views of Champaign could change so dramatically and yet still preserve a desire to caution others with his ideas while often in the minority. That’s a lesson we all should heed.

Lets hope that his legacy is not memorialized by his leaving but rather in our learning. He stood for a facet of the population willing to offer a viewpoint worthy of review and concern regardless of its support or status.



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