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I’ve noticed a spike in misinformation and deception on campus.

The University of Illinois student government recently passed a resolution distinguishing anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, and I encourage everyone to read the resolution.

Some have claimed that:

— the resolution attempted to define anti-Semitism. This is false. The resolution does not try to define what anti-Semitism is precisely because that is such a difficult issue.

— the resolution was written without input from Jewish voices: this is incorrect. There were many Jewish voices, anti-Zionist and Zionist, who agreed with the resolution but wished to remain anonymous out of fear of exile from their communities. Additionally, there were several Jewish voices who favored the resolution and wished to advocate in favor of it.

— the resolution was about silencing Jewish voices. This is perhaps the most egregious insult. It in no way prevents Jewish people from speaking up, but instead holds the university administration accountable for silencing Palestinian voices. Additionally, not only is the silencing of Palestinian activists condemned, but the resolution also condemns the university administration for perpetuating anti-Semitism by allowing Holocaust-deniers to speak freely on campus.

I believe the news media has a responsibility to not perpetuate misinformation when it occurs, but to also correct misinformation when it arises. To do any less would be an affront to journalistic integrity and further contribute to the silencing of marginalized voices.

Free Palestine.