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Is President Trump’s impeachment “unfair,” as he claims? Just look at what’s happened! An anonymous whistleblower outed his “perfect call!” Government officials ignored his order not to testify during the House hearings! Speaker Pelosi held on to the Articles so long that new inculpatory evidence came out!

It’s obviously a deep-state conspiracy to overturn the people’s vote in 2016! Who can refute Trump’s logic?

Why should Americans want to see for ourselves the evidence that he sought a bribe from Ukraine in exchange for official acts? A normal trial with fact-finding would disrupt Super Bowl week!

Aren’t Trump’s tweeted denials an adequate substitute for sworn testimony, as every impeached official has provided before?

Why not just have Trump’s lawyers, with skills honed from defending O.J. Simpson, present his side and let the Senate performatively vote along party lines?

Inconveniently, the Constitution won’t let Senate Leader McConnell handle Trump’s trial like the Merrick Garland nomination. Instead, he’s trying to persuade senators to a) abbreviate it, b) hear no new evidence, and c) ban live television coverage.

So, will facing history’s judgment lead more than a handful of Republican senators to uphold their oaths to judge Trump’s case impartially? After a decade of watching Republicans at state and federal levels “govern” by bending the rules as far as possible to maintain power, can we realistically expect Trump’s impeachment trial to be fair to the American people? Tragically, the party of Trump seems poised to dispense with any pretense of upholding the Constitution!