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LUDLOW — The village’s final copy of its revised code book should be in trustees’ hands prior to the village board’s October meeting.

The board discussed at length several codes with Frank Heilingenstein from Illinois Codification Services at the September board meeting.

Heilingenstein said many codes are missing from Ludlow code book — some of which are state-mandated. He also said some codes do not apply to all municipalities, and those are left out of the draft copy.

Trustees sought clarification from Heilingenstein on several areas, including the collection process of fines and past-due water bills, maintenance issues, motor vehicle issues, animal nuisances and setting up building code enforcement.

Village attorney Marc Miller told trustees that having an up-to-date code book will make the police department’s job easier to enforce village laws and ordinances and will help him represent the village and get results should an issue go to court.

Trustees’ salary

The board is expected to decide at the October meeting whether trustees’ pay should be increased beginning with the three members elected in April. Trustees are paid $30 a month. The board discussed whether payment should be changed to meetings attended rather than per month.

If the pay rate is changed, it must be done at least 180 days before the election. Trustees not up for election will not be eligible for higher pay.

Trustee seats up for election in April are held by Brian Bina, Tom Fultz and Randy Alesia. Those interested in picking up nominating petitions may contact Village Clerk Dawn Good at 217-979-0748. Petitions are available now.

Water main project

Mayor Steve Thomas said Matt Johnson of Fehr Graham Engineering indicated Canadian National Railroad is making progress with its engineering study to allow part of the new water main to pass through railroad property.

Johnson said Fehr Graham is going to proceed with letting bids, with a separate bid to be sought for the work under the railroad tracks. Work could begin in the fall and continue through the winter.

Johnson will be asked to attend the October meeting.

In other business, Bina said sidewalks were replaced in several locations. Work had to be postponed on the Earl Thomas property, however, because a tree that is buckling the sidewalk needs to be removed.

Police Chief Joe Navarro told the board he dealt with two domestic disputes and one criminal trespass case in the past month. He also said a resident had discussed starting a neighborhood crime watch group. Navarro said he referred the resident to the village board.

The board’s next meeting is set for 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 13, at the community building.

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